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E-cigarettes, e-cigarette liquids and accessories – all direct from the market leader, red kiwi

red kiwi has been Germany’s leading e-cigarette brand for seven years. We offer you the highest quality range of e-cigarettes on the market. Our product range incorporates the best German-made e-cigarettes and e-liquids as well as tanks, vaporisers and other e-cigarette accessories.

red kiwi’s e-cigarettes are the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes:

  • Less harmful
  • Better aroma
  • Cheaper
  • A range of flavours
  • No yellow-stained fingers and teeth

Purchase red kiwi’s eGo clearomizer and cartomizer models

e-Cigarette eClear S-Line from red-kiwiYou will find the most popular e cigarette models in the red kiwi shop, which stocks everything that e cigarette novices and advanced smokers need. You can order a wide selection of different high-performance eGo-range models, premium quality rechargeable battieries and a wide range of efficient vaporisers from red kiwi’s online e-cigarette shop. That also includes transparent clearomizers as well as cartomizers in a range of bright colours.


For e-cigarette novices: red kiwi’s EasyClick

e-Cigarette EasyClick with Nevada e-Liquid from red-kiwiThe EasyClick is the ideal product for all users, who want to trial the e-cigarette. The cartomizers are pre-filled with e-liquid (tobacco or menthol) and users can get started straightaway. Novices are able to tell very quickly whether the e cigarette is something for them. Empty cartomizers can easily be replaced with the aid of a simple magnetic mechanism. This is a great gift for smokers, who want to switch to e-cigarettes.

German-made e-liquids: red kiwi Selection

e-Liquid German-made e-liquids: red kiwi Selectionred kiwi’s Selection range of liquids is all “Made in Germany”. Given red kiwi’s many years of experience, nothing is left to chance when manufacturing liquids. An optimum mix of the purest ingredients delivers an unmistakable flavour. Production in Germany enhances quality control and speeds things up if there is major demand. red kiwi’s e-cigarettes are synonymous with variety and quality.

The red bird represents quality. Here are five good reasons for choosing red kiwi:

  • Many years of experience
  • Market leader in Germany
  • Superior product quality
  • Superior service
  • Plenty of variety

The red kiwi highlights at a glance

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