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e-Cigarette eLeo-T Manual

eLeo-T manual troubleshooting

Before contacting your dealer to complain, please check to see if the problem can be solved by following the advice below!



Tank capacity and battery life

A tank is filled with approximately 0.9 ml of liquid. This allows for about 150 to 200 draws, equivalent to about 15 to 20 cigarettes. When the battery is empty, the LED status light in the button flashes for a long period of time and the unit switches off. In these circumstances, change or recharge the battery. If despite changing the battery, no or very little vapour is generated, the tank is probably empty and should be replaced. If very little vapour is generated despite changing the tank and the battery, carry out maintenance / cleaning.

Conditioning the device

When using it for the first time, or when the unit has not been in operation for a long period, it needs to be conditioned in order to produce the full amount of vapour. Draw on the cigarette around 5 to 10 times, one after another. After a few draws, a significant amount of vapour should be generated. If this is not the case, repeat the process. If a newly acquired unit has poor vapour generation right from the start, please contact your dealer to determine the fault. In such cases cleaning does not improve the situation.

Use in no smoking areas

In general you can use an e-cigarette in no smoking areas such as buses, trains, cinemas and so on. Please be aware that although you are not smoking, the use of e-cigarettes may be prohibited at the discretion of manager or company policies.

Battery level indicator

The LED on the charger glows red while charging, then yellow and finally green. When the LED is no longer illuminated, please unplug the USB charger and remove the battery. Your battery is now ready charged for its first use and it will not be necessary to recharge it before you start up the device. Throughout the charging process the red kiwi eLea can continue to be used.


This product is guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty only applies to defects arising from faulty manufacturing and faulty material. Faults caused by wear, misuse or the use of force are excluded. The warranty for wearing parts is six months. In this product, the battery and the atomiser are considered to be wearing parts. Within the warranty period, red kiwi GmbH has the right to decide whether or not defective parts are repaired or exchanged for parts of equal value. Any further claims, especially claims for damages, are excluded. To exercise the warranty, a dated proof of purchase is required. Should you experience problems with a
defective part, please contact your dealer.

e-Cigarette-eLeo-T-Manual [PDF]