About us

The red kiwi NTG GmbH is one of the most traditional suppliers of e-cigarettes, liquids and accessories in Germany.

The company was founded in 2007 under the name “esmoker wholesale and retail”. It quickly established itself among the suppliers of e-cigarettes. Since 2009 we operate from the location Seevetal-Hittfeld south of Hamburg.

In 2010, red kiwi became the first e-cigarette provider to participate in the Inter tabac 2010 in Dortmund.

Today, red kiwi is internationally oriented with partners from Switzerland and Sweden and serves e-cigarette specialist shops, tobacco retailers, wholesalers and the convenience sector via a multi-channel strategy. However, there has been a constant in the history of red kiwi since 2007.

Corporate Philosophy

Since its inception, red kiwi has been known for courteous and courteous service at eye level. We try both to fulfill the wishes of our dealers and to create a solidarity with our customers. In a young and confusing industry red kiwi acts as a reliable and honest partner.

Our customers, employees and dealers can always rely on us to approach you with the utmost professionalism. Our demands on quality, service and design are expressed not only in our products, but in our entire appearance to the outside.

red kiwi creates a new sense of freedom in the lives of its customers. Free from harmful tobacco, free of the strict requirements of cigarette consumption and free from the associated stigmatization as a smoker. red kiwi brings an almost forgotten quality of life back to the customers. We are always aware of this role – far beyond the actual product – and always strive to offer our customers even more added value.

High quality products and professional monitoring

Our product range offers a wide range of precisely matched models. red kiwi does not follow any short-term trends, but is committed to long-term successful products, thereby occupying the largest fields in the market.

The products distributed by us are almost completely under our control – from production to distribution. They are subject to strict quality controls during manufacture. This ensures that our products best meet the high expectations of our customers. The purchase of our products originating from Asia is evaluated and selected according to European quality criteria in Germany and Switzerland.

In close cooperation with our factory, we work continuously to improve and further develop our product range.


The fair treatment of customers, suppliers and business partners is important to us. These ideals are far too much in the background in today’s business world, where the focus is mostly on maximizing profits. We are there for our customers before and after the purchase and are available to help and advise them in the event of a problem.

Milestones in the history of red kiwi


Beginning internationalization of the business. Nationwide sale of the new red kiwi pod system “Nude” in Switzerland.

red kiwi is setting up its own sales force to strengthen direct sales to specialist retailers. At the same time, red kiwi is exhibiting its products at almost all German steamer fairs in order to tie the community more closely to the brand.


red kiwi brings new partners from Switzerland and Sweden on board and restructures itself. Immediately starts cleaning up the product portfolio and working on new products.


In 2012, red kiwi celebrates its fifth anniversary and introduces new models. In the fall, red kiwi will be exhibiting for the third time in a row at the Inter-tabac in Dortmund. There is also presented a red kiwi proprietary development: the thermoregulated evaporator (now known as temperature control, which prevents overheating when the tank is empty).


red kiwi is the first company in the emerging industry to televise on RTL, Pro7 and Kabel One.


The red kiwi products are available nationwide through numerous tobacco retail chains. A separate shipping and logistics center is put into operation.

Further highlights in the “boom year” 2011:

  • Number of outlets for red kiwi products in Germany rises to more than 2,000.
  • red kiwi is once again an exhibitor at Inter-tabac. The stand size quadruples within one year. Numerous new and exciting products will be presented at the fair and the stand will be overrun.

2007 to 2010

Sven Heeder founds the company “esmoker wholesale and retail” in Buchholz in the Nordheide. This company is one of the first e-cigarette companies in Germany, the direct forerunner of the red kiwi NTG GmbH. The first product is the ES-201, a sleek and elegant electric cigar.

In the following years the further expansion of the assortment took place. Innovative technologies such as flexible USB charging systems and electronic air sensors improve the esmoker products.

From the beginning of 2009, esmoker red kiwi will become.

In the autumn of 2010, the company moves to its present location in Seevetal-Hittfeld and exhibits its products at a trade fair for the first time – the Inter-tabac in Dortmund. The company is undergoing extensive restructuring and is increasingly focusing on wholesale and retail sales. Within one quarter, the number of outlets for red kiwi products is growing from under 30 to more than 100.